Saturday, November 9th, 2019
9:00 am - 3:30 pm
Mass to follow 

8:30 am  


9:00 am 

          Welcome and opening prayer 

Session I - Theological Reflections

9:10 am

           “Wonderfully Made: Creation, Human Dignity, and the Gift of Vulnerability”             
                  - Dr. Miguel Romero

9:50 am   

          Table conversations

10:10 am 


10:30 am 

          Feedback from table conversations 

10:45 am 

          “Disability: Behind the Invisible Curtain”
                 - Dr. David Byers

11:10 am 

          Moderated conversation between Dr. Miguel Romero and Dr. Dave Byers with audience questions
                Moderated by Lisa Schiltz, J.D.  

12:00 pm

          Lunch, networking, and visit exhibits  

1:00 pm 

          “Called to Beatitude: Our Wounds, God’s Grace, and the Sacraments of the Church”
                 - Dr. Miguel Romero 

 Session II - Pastoral Implications

1:40 pm 

        Introduction to Sacramental Guidelines Revision 
              - Sr. Kathleen Schipani, IHM

1:55 pm 

        Stretch break

2:00 pm 

         Case Study Analysis & Reporting Back

2:30 pm

        Remarks by Pastoral Leaders with audience questions
               Featuring Scholars and People in Ministry                                                                                                           
              (Father Shawn Carey, Cindi Swanson, Dr. Reinhard Huetter)                                                                 

3:10 pm 

         Closing remarks and an invitation to Sunday Networking 

3:20 pm 

        Closing prayer  

3:25 pm 


3:45 pm 

          Exhibits Close 

4:00 pm