The presence of a disability in an infant or an unborn baby can be overwhelming for a family. Parents may know very little about their child’s diagnosis, and they may be intimidated or confused about how this news will change the life of their baby and their role as a parent.  

 This page was designed to provide clarity and support to families who have a young child with a disability. Many of these resources are a response to a common and false narrative that the existence of a disability is entirely negative--even a reason not to live. This is contrary to the Gospel, which proclaims that vulnerability and weakness are essential characteristics of the goodness and the beauty of each human being. This is also contrary to the lives of many people with disabilities who have flourishing lives.  Other resources on this page are designed to provide support to families to help them navigate the unexpected news of having a child with a disability. The National Bioethics Center is a great resources for families who have to make difficult medical decisions. See below for more resources!