The importance of thoughtful and careful planning for any ministry cannot be overemphasized. Planning should likewise be approached with creativity and openness. The following questions can initiate the planning process toward a universally designed ministry:
  • What does it mean to create a church community open to all?
  • How was Jesus accessible to his followers? 
  • How can accessibility features benefit the whole community?
    • an adjustable ambo can be used by a person of short stature, a child, or one who uses a wheelchair
    • a pew cut benefits a person who uses a wheelchair or crutches or who has a broken leg
    • accessible meeting space and such accommodations as braille agendas and sign language interpreters allow for full and meaningful participation by colleagues with disabilities
    • large print materials are enjoyed by elderly parishioners, other people with visual impairment and learning disabilities
    • a good sound system is appreciated by all.

      Download the LAMB Inclusive Participation Assessment Tool to learn more about parish accessibility! 

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