The NCPD Council on Mental Illness which was founded in 2006, works to accompany our brothers and sisters with mental illness and their families while assisting the Catholic community by providing resources and education for spiritual and pastoral support.

We believe:

  • Human life is sacred. Every person is created in God's image. A persons dignity and worth cannot be diminished by any condition including mental illness;
  • The pain and suffering of mental illness is real – but so is hope;
  • We are the body of Christ and accompany one another in living with mental illness and recognize the unique importance of a loving family;
  • The word of god affirms the dignity of all people. Interpretation of scripture should be consistent with the current understanding of mental illness.

The Council provides:

  • Resources and training for pastoral staffs and parish leaders,
  • Information, referrals, and advice,
  • Advocacy for persons with mental illness and their families to promote a just society and an end to stigma.