NCPD's mission focuses on fostering a culture of belonging, raising awareness, and empowering persons with disabilities and their families. Our efforts are directed toward collaborating with dioceses, parishes, and organizations to provide guidance, training, and educational materials that promote accessibility, understanding, and pastoral support. Unfortunately, NCPD does not offer grants to institutions seeking financial assistance to enhance their disability-related initiatives and services.

We encourage institutions seeking funding to explore alternative funding sources, such as local community foundations or other charitable organizations that specialize in supporting initiatives related to disability services. While NCPD may not offer financial assistance, we are committed to offering expertise, guidance, and practical support to help institutions navigate the challenges and opportunities associated with making the Church a home for all persons, especially persons with disabilities.  

To learn more about NCPD's programs, resources, and initiatives, please see the information below, spend some time on our website, or contact us at