NCPD Testimonials

Testimonials about NCPD

From the Archdiocese of Philadelphia's Respect Life Office:
Department for Pastoral Care for Persons with Disabilities


Many thanks for your assistance the other day, and for the valuable resources you offer.  As we no longer have a “Special Needs Office” in the archdiocese, our people are hungry for guidance, training and resources.

I did not know your organization existed until I got this email. I have been praying to God (for a while now, may be 2 years) about my desire to include children with disabilities in our Church. I had so many questions. I did not know how to go about it. So I am glad you exist and that God was taking care of all. I just did not know about it. Now, I know I can find some answers to my questions. You are an answer to my prayers.
- Jackie, in TN


Sr Dorothy and I are conducting the first of 2 workshops for our parishes concerning religious education--- methods, etc…..I’ll be presenting on Religious Education for Persons with Disabilities---
I looked at the NCPD site this morning and was so thrilled to see the resources for the Oct 6th webinar up and ready to view----I’ll pass this info on...
Thanks for all your efforts to keep us in the loop.

Just want to express my gratitude for the tremendous efforts of NCPD in helping those with disabilities in the clergy and consecrated life.  We do wish to order the Sacramentary in the red leather-like binder as well as the lectionary CD.

Very Rev. Chris Keahi,


I rejoice in your work!  By the grace of God, I have been a part of this beautiful ministry in the AD of Atlanta for some time. I assist our Director, Mr. Ed McCoy. He is member in full standing, and will be part of the webinar.
FYI, my parish is designing and constructing a new worship space, and a central tenant in the work is ABSOLUTELY full access!
Msgr. David P. Talley
Pastor, St. John Neumann Catholic Church
Lilburn, GA
I wasn't familiar with the National Catholic Partnership on Disability.  The NCPD web site is truly inspiring, almost revolutionary.  We have fought for inclusion for Brian since he was in a regular ed preschool many years ago.  It has been our cause for over 20 years.  Our commitment to keeping Brian in his own home is only shaken when we consider his life after we aren't here to manage his care. 
The Church always seemed to be too daunting a battle after years of conflict with the school district.  Clearly, there are parents who are committed to inclusive communities and are carrying the struggle forward. 
Let me know how things are progressing. 



Thank you so much for offering the webinar today. It was informative and 
resulted in a productive discussion among my staff. We hope that you be 
offering more opportunities for future webinars geared to the Catholic school 
Diocese of San Diego