NCPD Service in 2011

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Serving the U.S. Catholic Church in 2011

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Pro-life efforts

  • 2011 online training on Threats to Life: Physician-Assisted Suicide
  • Collaboration with USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities
  • Co-sponsor of Catholic Social Ministry Gathering, February 13-16, 2011
  • Support for State Catholic Conferences through consultation and training on topics related to life and disability

Parish Outreach to Veterans

  • Co-sponsor of Spiritual Retreat for Veterans in Washington, DC area
  • 2011 internet seminar on supporting veterans with a service-related disability or PTSD, and their families
  • Toolkit production for parishes to help support veterans and their families returning to their home parish

NCPD Autism Task Force

  • Monthly conference calls
  • Identification and evaluation of resources and curriculum
  • Report with recommendations to NCPD Board October, 2011

Support for Priests with Low Vision: Large-Print Sacramentary/Lectionary Project

  • Altar-appropriate large print Sacramentary and its companion Lectionary on CD
  • Revision of large print Sacramentary (24, 34, & 44 font sizes) to reflect changes in the Roman Missal

Spanish Language Translations

  • Available Spanish language resources posted on NCPD website
  • NCPD’s vast library of resources—translations planned as funding is obtained

NCPD Council on Mental Illness

  • Consultation and resources for internet seminars on veterans and physician-assisted suicide
  • Series of National Conference Calls for members of Network on Mental Illness
  • Welcomed and Valued DVD and Resource Manual; monthly e-newsletter
  • Mental illness awareness workshops around the country; national advocacy and leadership

National Training Seminars (“Webinars”)

  • Reconciliation and Eucharist for Children with Disabilities
  • Threats to the Lives of People with Disabilities, Part II: Physician-
  • Assisted Suicide
  • Parish Support for Veterans with Disabilities and Their Families

Additional Support for Diocesan Disability Directors and other Personnel

  • NCPD E-NEWS & MI Network News
  • National Conference Calls for Diocesan Disability Directors (Quarterly)
  • Consultation, training, regional meetings, and diocesan evaluation
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