Diocesan Contacts from NY

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Organization: Catholic School Office
Contact: Ms. Rosemarie Tobin [More info]

Armenian Catholic Exarchate of U.S.A. and Canada (Armenian)

Organization: Armenian Catholic Exarchate of U.S.A. and Canada
Contact: Disabilities Contact [More info]


Organization: Special Needs Religious Education
Contact: Deacon John DeBiase [More info]

Organization: Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens
Contact: Rev. Raphael Munday [More info]

Organization: Evangelization and Catechesis
Contact: Mr. Theodore Musco [More info]


Organization: Office for Evangelization and Parish Life
Contact: Mr. Dennis Mahaney [More info]

Byzantine Eparchy of Van Nuys (Costantinopolitan, Ruthenian Rite)

Organization: Eparchy of St. Maron of Brooklyn
Contact: Disabilities Contact [More info]

New York

Organization: Catechetical Office of New York
Contact: Sr. Joan Curtin CND [More info]


Organization: Catholic Charities
Contact: Sr. Donna Franklin DC [More info]


Organization: Catholic Charities Community Services
Contact: Mr. Paul Pickering [More info]

Rockville Centre

Organization: Office of Faith Formation
Contact: Ms. Kathy Russell-Sica [More info]

Organization: Ministry with Persons with Special Needs, Office of Faith Formation
Contact: Ms. Mary Anne Russo [More info]


Organization: Community Services
Contact: Mr. Dennis Manning [More info]

Organization: Disabilities Commission
Contact: Rev. Charles S. Vavonese [More info]