Access in Catholic Education for Students with Disabilities, Part II: High Schools: Feb. 16, 2010


Access in Catholic Education for Students with Disabilities, Part II: High Schools: Feb. 16, 2010

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Apple on BooksCatholic schools more perfectly reflect the single flock envisioned by Jesus, our Shepherd, when they welcome and integrate students with disabilities into the total life of the school. In this NCPD webinar, Access in Catholic Education, Part II: High Schools on February 16, 2010, Catholic educators with significant experience at both the school and diocesan levels will share strategies and resources that enable Catholic schools to become successful, inclusive communities.


Recommended for: 

  • Diocesan and school administrators and faculty

  • Diocesan disability ministry personnel

  • Other diocesan and parish personnel

  • Family members

  • All those interested in this topic


  • Dr. Karen Tichy, Associate Superintendent for Instruction, Department of Special Education in the Archdiocesan Catholic Education Office, Saint Loius, Missouri

  • Doreen C. Engel, MA, Director of Special Education, Archdiocese of Washington and High School Educator, Washington, DC

  • (Moderator) Marie Powell, Executive Director, USCCB Secretariat of Catholic Education

Organizations Involved with this Webinar:

In Partnership with:

  • The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Secretariat of Catholic Education

  • The National Conference for Catechetical Leadership (NCCL).

In Collaboration with:

  • The National Apostolate for Inclusion Ministry (NAfIM)

  • The National Catholic Office for the Deaf (NCOD)

Payment tiers: 

  • All personnel from NCPD’s Affiliate Member (Arch)Dioceses attend free of charge. All NCCL members’ fees are covered by prior financial arrangement. Others participate for a $30.00 fee per logged-in computer.

  • To verify if your (arch)diocese is an Affiliate Member of NCPD, click this link: Current NCPD Affiliate Member (Arch)Dioceses 

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Assistive Technology to Support Students with Special Needs for NCPD Website (Powerpoint)



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Exemplary IDD Catholic HS Programs

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Spectrum of Special Needs



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Reflection on Syrophoenician Woman



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Fundraising Organizations for Access in Catholic Schools



Catholic Accomodation Plan


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