NCPD Webinar: March 12, 2008:

Catechesis with Children and Youth Having Disability: Part I


This interactive web seminar is Part I of a two-part series created to support catechetical ministry with children and youth having disability, and their families.  It is meant to pass on the vision of the Church regarding catechesis and initiation of those with disability into the full life of the community.  It addresses issues of welcoming, as well as presenting an understanding of our perspective on people with disability from Scripture and the documents of our Church.  Finally, this webinar begins the topic of applying that vision in practical ways, by discussing ways to welcome children and youth with disabilities and their families into your parish catechetical program, and walks webinar participants through the process of creating an Individualized Religious Education Plan.  Part II, was held on May 6, 2008 from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time, will present disability specific strategies for actual catechetical sessions.  It will primarily focus on meeting the needs of children and youth with autism spectrum disorders and those who have deafness or are hard of hearing.


Target Audience

The target audience is Roman Catholic priests; deacons; diocesan and parish directors of catechetical ministry, parish advocates, youth ministers, family members and catechetical personnel.  People in each of these ministries find themselves needing to reach out with care and assistance to those who experience disability and their families at some time in the course of their work.  These groups want to be as welcoming and loving as Christ, but are often unsure of how to proceed on their own.  The good news is that friends, family and ministry personnel can be key to the inclusion and catechizing of children and youth with disability.  What these informal support persons bring to the individual and his or her family can be invaluable to them…as critical as the support of the educational and medical professionals that fill their lives.



Lee Nagel, Executive Director of NCCL will be moderator of the Webinar.  Our presenters are:  David Amico and Dr. Nancy Thompson.  David is Director of the Office of Ministry Formation for the Diocese of Albany, NY and he also serves as contact person for disability ministry.   Nancy is a parent of an adult son with multiple disabilities and has served as catechist and catechetical leader for those with disability at the parish and diocesan levels.  Dr. Thompson is currently the Director of Programs and Diocesan Relations for NCPD.   Mr. Amico, Mr. Nagel and Dr. Thompson all share an intense passion for and commitment to catechesis for all.


ResourcesReplay WebinarLink TranscriptWordPDFDavid Amico PresentationPowerpoint David Amico Presentation (Espanol)
Powerpoint   Dr. Nancy Thompson PresentationPowerpoint   Dr. Nancy Thompson Presentation (Espanol)Powerpoint   Catechetical Resources for Children and Youth with DisabilityWordPDFModels for Religious EducationWordPDF
 Access and Inclusion ModelsWordPDFIndividualized Religious Education Program FormWordPDF Group Discussion QuestionsWordPDF


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