NCPD News and Notes

NCPD News and Notes

June 2011

NCPD Urgently Requests Your Help

The Bishops wrote in a budget resolution letter to the Senate on May 5 that “Access to affordable, life-affirming health care remains an urgent national priority. We recognize that the rising costs of Medicare, Medicaid and other entitlement programs need to be addressed, but we urge that the needs of the poor, working families and vulnerable people be protected.  Cost cutting proposals should not simply shift health care costs from the federal government to the states or directly to beneficiaries.

Bishop Stephen E. Blaire, of Stockton, California, chair of the Bishops’ Committee on Domestic Justice
Your help is urgently needed to prevent radical Medicaid cuts from being made in the Federal Budget.  NCPD will have the opportunity to address our concerns with Congressional leaders in mid-July to help communicate to Congress the need for Medicaid services by people with disabilities.  We need to go to Congress with examples of real people whose lives will be severely affected by the loss of housing, medical and social services they and their families depend upon, if the radical cuts currently included in the budget process become reality.
If you know of someone who receives Medicaid benefits we ask you to request that they write a letter to their Congressional leaders (links provided below) identifying the real benefits they receive from Medicaid and the hardship that would occur if they lose them. Send a copy of that letter to NCPD by the end July 5 so that we can take it with us to the Hill when we meet with Congress in mid July.  As one mother we know has already said, “With the work and social program cuts my son has already experienced due to budgeting issues, if they continue with the radical cuts to Medicaid which covers his medical and remaining programs, the only thing left for him to do is die.”
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 Benefits of Being an Inclusive Parish

  • Adding numbers to the lists of potential volunteers for parish activities.
  • Adding potential candidates to the list for liturgical ministries.
  • Adding potential volunteers to provide one-to-one support for new parishioners with disabilities who come to the parish in the future.
  • Adding candidates for parish council, board of education, and other official bodies of the parish.
  • Adding to those from the parish who could be qualified individuals to ordination, to consecrated life, and to full-time, professional service in the Church.
  • Build a parish community more reflective of the Body of Christ.
  • Keep families active and engaged in the parish, rather than leaving due to lack of access and welcome.
  • Help ensure that Catholics with disabilities are nourished in their faith, and able to receive the Sacraments.
  • This list could go on and on, for sure!