NCPD Governance Board of Directors Resolution

 Supporting the Mission of the NCPD Council on Mental Illness


Following Jesus who embraced all, we resolve to assist the Catholic Community in reaching out to and accompanying our brothers and sisters with mental illness and their families, acknowledging their gifts and the value of their presence, and assuring their rightful place in the Church and society. These brothers and sisters in Christ find that their experience of serious mental illness can raise profound questions of faith. 

We believe that the Church can and should be a source of hope, unconditional love, support and outreach to people who often find themselves disenfranchised from church and society. Yet we are often at a loss as to how to address these needs.

We believe that God’s unconditional love can be experienced in the love we extend to one another and that the Church is called to witness the healing presence of Christ through its proactive outreach to people with mental illness and their families. We believe that the Church is also called to address the systemic injustice that currently exists in society in the treatment and care of people with mental illness.

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