Webinar DVD on Liturgical Spaces

Liturgical Spaces and Ministries

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Access to Liturgical Spaces:
Welcoming ALL to this Place

This webinar addresses accessible liturgical spaces and church complexes.  Our experts will analyze and explore the concept of accessible liturgical space so it clearly proclaims that ‘ALL are welcome.' 


Access in Liturgy:
Making Liturgical Ministries
More Accessible to People with Disabilities

This webinar focuses on inclusion of persons with disabilities in the liturgical life of the Church. Liturgical ministers should reflect the cultural, ethnic, and economic diversity of the parish. They should also reflect the spectrum of disabilities found in any large community. Our presenters will look at the importance of parish leadership in assisting the faithful with disabilities in identifying and sharing their God-given gifts with others as the parish offers thanks and praise to God in its worship. They will also concentrate on the power of invitation to ensure that barriers of omission are removed and the rich gifts of all are accessed, assuring the community’s ability to reach its fullest potential.

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