Roman Missal, Third Edition

On this page you may place an order for a large-print Roman Missal, Third Edition (for priests and deacons only) and find resources to aid in its implementation for persons with disabilities.

Order a Large-print Roman Missal, Third Edition
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Through an agreement with the USCCB, the National Catholic Partnership on Disability will be able to offer large print formats of the Roman Missal, Third Edition to priests and deacons.

It is available on CD; print editions can be requested but cost us more to produce.

The documents on CD are on a pdf that  only allows printing, not copying of text. Three font sizes are available on the CD; Font sizes 24, 34 and 44.


Font Size 24 has 2,700 pages.
Font Size 34 has 4,800 pages.
Font Size 44 has 8,100 pages.

About half as many sheets.

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The recommended donations are:

CD Only $50 CD with Red Leather-like Binder, tabs and ribbons. $125     Printed Sets Include : Text, Red Leather-like Binders, Tabs and Ribbons   Printed Set, Font Size 24 $300 Printed Set, Font Size 34 $410 Printed Set, Font Size 44 $575     The Lectionary is also available on CD   Lectionary on CD $25


If you would like to request a Roman Missal, Third Edition please fill out the form below.


Full Name: *

Please provide us with your full name. For example, "Mr. Robert Quinlan, MA".

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Bob Quinlan
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Please tell us if you are a priest or deacon, and if not who it is for.

If not a priest or deacon...:

If you are not a priest or deacon please describe the reason you are requesting the Roman Missal, Third Edition.
If requesting it for a priest or deacon please include the name of the priest or deacon for whom you are requesting it.

Format requested: *

The default format will be on CD, and you will be responsible for printing the sections you need.
It is available in print, but the cost of production and requested donation increases significantly.

Font Size for print version:
Font Size 24
Font Size 34
Font Size 44

All three font sizes will be available on the CD. If you are requesting a print version please select the font size that you would like. A sample of the font sizes can be found at this link.
Please print it out to determine which font size is best for your needs.

Do you want the red leather-like binder, ribbons and tabs:
Include the binder, ribbons and tabs
Do not include the binder, ribbon and tabs
Do you want a Lectionary on CD as well?:
Include a Lectionary on CD as well.
Do not include a Lectionary on CD.
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