Roman Missal Resources

Extra Resources for the Roman Missal, Third Edition



United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Many & various resources.

Xavier Society for the Blind

The Xavier Society for the Blind has offered to provide free pew cards in both Braille and large print (24 point) to assist those who are blind or visually impaired. The deadline for requests for the cards is August 31, 2011. Contact Kathleen Lynch at While the Xavier Society for the Blind provides all of its service free-of-charge, donations are gratefully accepted.

Archdiocese of Washington

New Roman Missal Sign Language Interpreter Training

Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commission

The FDLC has published a "Parish Assembly Kit" - which includes 3 pamphlets, as well as bulletin, website, and pulpit announcements, for use in parishes. The resources help to explain the changes that the new translation will bring as well as revisit the core principle of active participation in the liturgy.

Liturgy Training Publications


LTP also hosts this website, which includes downloadable resources, advice on parish implementation, helpful articles, etc.The accompanying text is entitled Preparing Your Parish for the Revised Roman Missal. Click here for short videos that you can use in your catechesis programs.

Renew International

Lifting Up Our Hearts: Praying with the New Translation of the Roman Missal

Renew International is offering a six-session small group faith-sharing process that will renew parishioners' spiritual life and their appreciation of the liturgy. Through prayerful reflection on the changes to the people's parts of the Mass, this resource emphasizes the role of the assembly and leads Catholics into a deeper understanding of the meaning of the Mass and its significance in their lives. Click here for their flyer.

Powerpoint Presentation from Diocese of Wichita

A PowerPoint presentations has been developed by Tom Racunas, Diocese of Wichita, for use as a visual aid, as he visits each of the Faith and Light and other adult gatherings of people with disabilities in his diocese to help them prepare for the language changes that come in Advent with the new Roman Missal.  It is very straight forward—but color coded and animated so the presenter can control the pace of the presentation.

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