Diocesan Contacts from PA

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Organization: Office for Ministry with Persons with Disabilities
Contact: Sr. Janice Marie Johnson R.S.M. [More info]


Organization: Family Life Office
Contact: Ms. Susan Stith [More info]


Organization: Persons with Disabilities and Deaf Spiritual Ministry
Contact: Ms. Michele Inter M.Ed [More info]


Organization: Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Greensburg
Contact: Ms. Mary Ellen Pellegrino [More info]


Organization: Office of Ministry with People with Disabilities
Contact: Mr. Larry Kiley [More info]

Metropolitan Archdiocese of Philadelphia Ukrainian (Costantinopolitan, Ukrainian Rite)

Organization: Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia
Contact: Disabilities Contact [More info]

Metropolitan Archeparchy of Pittsburgh Byzantine (Costantinopolitan, Ruthenian Rite)

Organization: Metropolitan Archeparchy of Pittsburgh Byzantine
Contact: Disabilities Contact [More info]


Organization: Office for Persons with Disabilities, and the Deaf Apostolate
Contact: Sister Kathleen M. Schipani IHM [More info]


Organization: Secretariat for Leadership Development and Evangelization
Contact: Dcn. Tim Killmeyer [More info]


Organization: Ministry for Persons with Disabilities
Contact: Sr. Mary Beth Makuch [More info]

Organization: Office of the Chancellor
Contact: Mr. James B. Earley [More info]