Diocesan Contacts from FL

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Organization: Archdiocese of Miami
Contact: Mr. Stephen Colella [More info]


Organization: Bishop Grady Villas
Contact: Mr. Kevin C. Johnson [More info]

Organization: Office for Advocacy and Justice
Contact: Ms. Deborah Shearer [More info]

Palm Beach

Organization: Catholic Charities
Contact: Ms. Shelia Gomez [More info]

Palm Beach

Organization: Catholic Charities
Contact: Ms. Diann Jasinski LCSW [More info]

Organization: Diocesan Offices
Contact: Mrs. Lorraine Sabatella [More info]

Organization: Catholic Charities
Contact: Dr. Thomas Bila [More info]

Organization: Diocese of Palm Beach
Contact: Ms. Nancy Monicatti [More info]


Organization: Advocacy and Justice
Contact: Deacon Ray Aguado [More info]

Organization: Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee
Contact: Mr. Kevin Vickery [More info]

St. Augustine

Organization: Disabilities Office
Contact: Ms. Anita Hassell [More info]

Organization: Deaf-Blind-Ministry
Contact: Ms. Erin McGeever [More info]

St. Petersburg

Organization: Office of Ministry
Contact: Michael J. Tkacik [More info]

Organization: Life Ministry
Contact: Ms. Sabrina Burton Schultz [More info]


Organization: Respect Life Department
Contact: Mrs. Jeanne Berdeaux [More info]