NCPD 2013 Diocesan Update Correction Form

NCPD Diocesan Update Correction Form

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The NCPD website lists a contact person in each diocese responsible for ministry with persons with disabilities. Often more than one person is listed along with an indication of their specialty area:  deaf ministry, catechetical ministry, etc…   

To help keep our website and data base up-to-date, please go to the following link on the NCPD website and search under your diocese’s name to find the person(s) we have listed: Please let us know if all of the information is correct, or if any name should be removed, if any other(s) should be added, and if the ministry specializations or contact information needs to be updated.  

Make changes or additions on the form that you may access below (you may download a form or fill it out online).  Add additional pages or multiple online entries if needed.  

 Thank you for taking the time to help us keep our contact information accurate and up-to-date.  This will be a great help to us and to anyone searching the website for information.  Please scan and return completed print form via email to or mail to:  NCPD, 415 Michigan Avenue, NE, Suite 95, Washington, DC  20017.

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This is the type of update needed for the person you list in the "Name" field below.

This is the name of the person who is being listed, modified or removed.

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