Access Surveys

Since the issuance in 1978 of the Pastoral Statement of U.S. Catholic Bishops on People with Disabilities, a number of Ordinaries have published statements directed at the programs and facilities of their own dioceses. Numerous dioceses have likewise issued policy statements and synod statutes relating to access and welcome for Catholics with disabilities.

Below are sample access surveys, and accessibility plans developed by dioceses, to implement the vision of the Pastoral Statement.


Access Survey of Parish and Diocesan Facilities Word PDF
Parish Accessibility Surveys
(Note: The parish accessibility survey is on two pages and is a modified version to be duplicated back-to-back and folded in a booklet format.)
Word PDF
Access Survey of the Archdiocese of Washington Word PDF
Accessibility Plan of the Archdiocese of Detroit Word PDF
Accessibility Plan of the Archdiocese of Springfield in Illinois Word PDF
 Parish Physical Accessibility Survey of the Diocese of Toldeo    PDF